About us

Acta Historica is the new platform for starting historians. Our goal is to provide starting history students and recent graduates a chance to publish work that would otherwise be read by only a few.

The online journal offers students a chance to gain experience in the writing of scientific articles and at the same time obtain a publication to add to their cv. In addition we publish weekly reviews of books on a myriad of historical subjects. Both of these will, we hope, provide beginning historians with an aid to, inspiration and/or a starting point for future research.

All our publications are open access. This means that all can be accessed by anyone who’s interested. By offering all content for free, we hope to contribute in making sure the scientific debate can be broadened and based on an increasing amount of data.

Would you like to publish the fruits of your hard labor too? Then please send your thesis, essay or paper, along with with a short (max. 4.000 word) adaptation to:


Press information

You can request information via communicatie.actahistorica@gmail.com